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Plantning Four Billionth Acre af bioteknologiske afgrøder i verden

Plantning Four Billionth Acre af bioteknologiske afgrøder i verden

As I begin to plant my own crops this week, I know that somewhere in the northern hemisphere this month, a farmer will put a seed in the ground—and the world will have its 4-billionth acre of genetically modified crops. Perhaps it will happen in my country of Spain, which is Europe’s leader in GM […]


Til indiske landbrugere og landbrugere Around the World: Norman Borlaug er vores helt

Norman Borlaug is my hero—and he’s a hero to a billion of my countrymen here in India as well. This week, we honor Borlaug’s centenary: He was born on March 25, 1914 in Cresco, Iowa. Before he died 95 years later, i 2009, he became the father of the “Green Revolution,” which transformed agriculture, especially […]

Seralini of the University of Caen talks to reporters after news conference at the European Parliament in Brussels

Fremtiden for Food Security Afhænger god videnskab

As we begin a New Year, we often express our hope for the future. In Kenya, there is hope that 2014 will bring a lifting of the ban on GM imports and mark the first time Kenyan farmers will have access to important tools of agricultural technology that have been withheld from them. One of […]


Bad Policy Can Create An Unnatural Agriculture Disaster

My home of Argentina is one of the world’s great breadbaskets. This nation of around 40 million people can feed more than 400 million, making farmers like me essential to global food security. Desværre, the current government’s policy of export taxes and quotas threatens our ability to produce food. To make matters worse, the government […]


Kenya Must Focus on the Heroes of Food Security

Islamic terrorists murdered more than 60 people and injured more than 200 at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi on September 21—a day that the United Nations has marked as “International Day of Peace” for more than three decades. Al-Shabab, a radical group based in Somalia, immediately claimed credit for the atrocity. Now my countrymen want […]


The EU-US Trade Talks Represent an Opportunity to Change Minds on GM

There will be plenty of observers of the forthcoming EU/USA trade talks who will speculate as to the outcome with the GM factor being of major importance. Many will feel that there is such a difference in the level of acceptance of new technology with Europe still finding it difficult to accept. You have to […]

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