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Brazil Uses Biotechnology to Take the Sting out of Dengue Fever

Brazil Uses Biotechnology to Take the Sting out of Dengue Fever

All eyes are on the World Cup in Brazil this month. As a farmer in southern Brazil in Parana State, near the city of Ponta Grossa, I’m cheering for the home team—and I’m relieved that we survived a tough contest against Chile in the first game of the knockout round. Another kind of knockout is […]

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Growing Optimism

Once, my farm was part of a war zone, just south of Johannesburg, Sydafrika. I had to be optimistic to drive a tractor through a minefield, as I did in the aftermath of South African apartheid. Faktisk, trying something new always requires a bit of optimism. Ikke desto mindre, the first time that I planted […]


Wheat trilateral strategy: more food with less inputs

I’m a fourth-generation wheat farmer in Saskatchewan—and one of my long-term goals is to make sure the fifth generation on my family farm also has the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of technology. We cannot let international trading rules be determined by scientific illiteracy and special interest pleading. A growing number of people share this objective: Tidligere i denne måned, 16 […]


Indiens PM Modi kan hjælpe landmændene ved at sætte videnskab og teknologi til Brug

The largest voter-turnout election in the history of the world offers the farmers of my country a remarkable opportunity to move into the 21st century. More than half a billion of my fellow Indians finished voting last week. Narendra Modi will now be our Prime Minister, leading the Bharatiya Janata Party and its absolute majority […]


Den "Fremtiden for Food" bør være omkring Solutions Vi har alle brug

Maybe they should call it International Geographic. Although it’s headquartered in the United States, National Geographic is a global publication. For more than 25 år, I’ve read it here in India, where it has a good reputation. I still keep a few old issues because of their interesting articles and excellent photography. I’m pleased to […]


Kenya Skal Lift forbud mod GM-Import: Tillad Kommercialisering af GM-afgrøder

United States President Barack Obama’s ringing endorsement of biotechnology in agriculture has the potential to inspire hearts and minds in Africa—and perhaps most especially here in Kenya, the birthplace of his father. He has spoken favorably of biotech in the past, but his latest statement came on a most appropriate occasion: the dedication in April […]


Polen støtter Ukraine i håb om fødevaresikkerhed og fred

Hele verden kigger begivenheder udfolde sig i Ukraine-og her i Polen, vi betaler særligt opmærksomme. Ukraine er vores nabo. Vi deler en fælles grænse 535 km. Det adskiller ikke kun vores to nationer, men også markerer den østlige udkant af Den Europæiske Union. Fra min gård nord for Warszawa, Jeg ved, at […]

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