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Borlaug 100_CIMMYT

Video: Play it Hard – Norman Borlaug 100 Year Tribute

Thanks to the International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT) og biologi Berigede der har “produceret en speciel video hyldest til den afdøde Dr. Norman Borlaug, en legendarisk CIMMYT videnskabsmand, der udviklede højtydende, semi-dværg hvede, der startede den grønne revolution, der er krediteret med at spare mere end 1 milliard mennesker fra sult. The release of […]


Help Bring Frank N. Foode™ to Life!

Looking for a good cause to contribute to (in addition to donating to TATT or the Kleckner Fellowship Fund!)? Then you need to support the Kickstarter campaign by Biology Fortified, Inc. – as they say, helpBring the cutest corn plush to lifeour mascot Frank N. Foode™and learn about plant science, agriculture, […]


This week’s column by Joni Kamiya is on The Huffington Post

Fruitful Lessons From Papayas to Orangesthis week’s upcoming column by Joni Kamiya is online at The Huffington Post. Joni is a member of the Global Farmer Network from Hawaii. The column will be posted at Truth About Trade & Technology on Thursday (6 Feb), but feel free to take a sneak peek:


GMO story mix-upjust another example of a confused media trying to cover what they don’t understand

There are a few writers who have done a pretty good job accurately covering agricultural biotechnology in recent months. Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Harmon at The New York Times (A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops and A Race to Save the Orange by Altering Its DNA), and the recent series of articles by Nathanael […]

Gilbert Bor from Kenya and 2011 Kleckner Award recipient makes a point while David Hughes from Argentina listens.

Bor on Borlaug Dialogue Panel Today – “Straight Talk on GMOs: Facts, Fiction and Food Security

Global Farmer Network member and 2011 Kleckner Award recipient Gilbert Bor from Kenya will make another appearance on the stage for the Borlaug Dialogue panelStraight Talk on GMOs: Facts, Fiction and Food Security“. Bor will join Moderator Greg Jaffe (Biotechnology Project Director, Center For Science In The Public Interest), and the other speakers Sir Greg Heap (Professor, Biosciences for Farming […]

2013 GFR at Couser Cattle Company (2)

Den 2013 Global Farmer Roundtable participants

It’s been a very busy and fantastic week of tours, roundtable discussions, panels, speaking events and all the activities associated with the Borlaug Dialogues and World Food Prize. Rajesh Kumar from India, last year’s Kleckner Award recipient, wasn’t here for the Global Farmer Roundtable this year. But he stopped by in Des Moines to join […]

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