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Chipotle Unnecessarily Tears Down Agriculture to Build a Brand

Chipotle Unnecessarily Tears Down Agriculture to Build a Brand

In the boardrooms of Madison Avenue, they call it “values branding”: a marketing strategy in which a company tries to instill a feeling of righteousness in the customers who buy its products. But what kind of values would inspire a corporation to wage a smear campaign against America’s farmers? That’s the question I asked after […]

Ray Martinez

Just Say No to Washington State Labeling Initiative

As voters in Washington state go to the ballot box on November 5 to consider special labels for foods with genetically-modified ingredients, I have a single thought: I’ve seen this movie before. A year ago, I was caught in the middle of my own state’s battle over labels, in an election that saw a majority […]


No Labeling Needed When Consumers Know the Whole Truth

Shop at Whole Foods. Spend your Whole Paycheck. That’s the popular description of the upscale grocery store. Last year, in a Consumer Reports survey, Whole Foods tied with Jewel-Osco as America’s most expensive supermarket. Now its prices almost certainly will go up. Whole Foods announced on March 8 that starting in 2018, it will require […]


Salmon-Lovers Unite: Help Science Trump Politics

If you enjoy the taste and healthy benefits of salmon, and appreciate that it is available to you, you may want to share your thoughts with the federal government as soon as possible. Why?   Because the Food and Drug Administration just declared that genetically modified salmon “is as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon,” […]


Truth Beats False Food Politics

California voters sent a loud-and-clear message to special interests and anti-biotech agitators last week: Keep your hands off our food. The rejection of Proposition 37, a deeply flawed ballot initiative, shows that an informed electorate can make wise choices about food policy. In the face of a propaganda campaign that relied on junk science and […]


A Costly California Food Labeling Proposal

The state of California is all but bankrupt–yet professional activists have figured out a way to send us even further into hock, with a costly food-labeling proposition that will appear on the ballot this November. They want tens of thousands of common grocery-store items to carry special labels that indicate biotech ingredients. The referendum may […]

Labeling A Rally For What It Is

Judging from the lack of media coverage, maybe they should organize a rally for the right to know whether anybody showed up. Their protest appears to have been a near-total bust. Here’s the really amusing part. For all of their fussing over labels, these professional protestors struggle with how to describe themselves. The “Rally for […]

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