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We Do Not Need a Precautionary Approach for U.S. Wildlife Refuges

We Do Not Need a Precautionary Approach for U.S. Wildlife Refuges

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service did a huge disservice to science, wildlife and modern agriculture last month, when it banned the planting of genetically modified crops in the National Wildlife Refuge System. “We make this decision based on a precautionary approach to our wildlife management practices,” wrote James Kurth, head of the refuge system, […]

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in Beijing

The Truth About Technology & Trade With China

Tensions around the Pacific Rim have taken a sharp turn for the worse, ever since China declared a new air-defense zone and projected its power over a small set of islands in the East China Sea. Vice President Joe Biden rushed to Beijing to confer with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but nothing seems to have […]


Constitutional Support for a Strong Trade Agenda

In the Declaration of Independence, American revolutionaries listed their grievances against the British king. Among his offenses, they said, was “cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world.” What a shame that a few members of Congress now think that another of our founding documents stands in the way of modern trade policy. […]


The Ill-Regulatory USDA

Shortly before last week’s long U.S. Independence Day weekend, the Obama administration announced that it would delay the employer-mandate portion of the new health-care law for another year. Some pundits suggested a political motive, saying that the White House wants to suspend the unpopular requirement until after next year’s congressional elections. Yet almost nobody pointed […]


The USDA of Europe

When Americans speculate that the United States is “becoming Europe,” we don’t mean that our art museums are getting a lot better. Instead, we worry about the encroachments of a growing bureaucracy that is smothering freedom and innovation. Last Friday, in an unexpected announcement, the U.S. Department of Agriculture took an unfortunate step toward Europeanization […]


Trade Barriers: An Unnatural Disaster

Late is better than never: President Obama finally has requested that Congress grant him Trade Promotion Authority, a power he should have requested long ago. The United States simply cannot pursue an effective trade agenda without a president who has the ability to bargain with other countries and send each proposed trade deal to Congress […]


Trade Will Strengthen the State of the Union

The pundits are still working through the details of Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, in which President Obama called for raising the minimum wage, fighting climate change, and fixing health-care costs. If nothing else, the address will give Democrats, Republicans, and independents plenty to talk about. As a farmer, however, I am really interested […]


An Open Letter To California Voters From An Iowa Farmer: Prop 37 Impacts Me Too

Dear Californian, I can’t vote on Proposition 37 this Election Day, but I’m watching it closely, all the way from my farm in Iowa. This ballot initiative isn’t just bad for California–it’s bad for America. Here’s the problem: Prop 37 is an extremist measure that will raise food prices without making food safer or consumers […]

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