Planting the Four Billionth Acre of Biotech Crops in the World

As I begin to plant my own crops this week, I know that somewhere in the northern hemisphere this month, a farmer will put a seed in the ground—and the world will have its 4-billionth acre of genetically modified crops. Perhaps it will happen in my country of Spain, which is Europe’s leader in GM […]


Potential Russian and Ukrainian Disruptions to Agricultural Trade

Political tensions between the Russian and Ukrainian governments have the potential to disrupt trade.  Both countries are noted as suppliers of wheat, while Ukraine also markets growing amounts of corn and oilseeds.  Russia is the second largest international buyer of red meat and poultry meat. Wheat appears to be the most immediate concern.  Russia with […]

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Behind the cornucopia of higher food prices

Source – CNBC.com By John W. Schoen Date – 19 Apr 2014 Website – www.cnbc.com Alert shoppers are accustomed to watching food prices go up and down. But a string of forces—from droughts to diseases—is raising the cost of a trip to the grocery store at a rapid clip. And it looks like it will […]